Friday, 17 November 2017

Explanation about the Types of Teeth

While looking at the structure and working of teeth, it’s not very difficult to realize that dental structure is like a complex puzzle. After knowing this, you will surely be able to give your teeth the care they deserve. Having that said, it’s worth describing the types of teeth. When you identify the types of teeth, you will be able to pick the best dental care solution to maintain your healthy smile.

The types of teeth

These are the teeth which everyone sees when you smile. But these teeth are not for the only purpose of showing off. You use these teeth when you bite your food. Furthermore, these teeth help you in speaking properly if they are of equal length.
In order to take care of these teeth, you need to brush and floss your teeth regularly, protecting the teeth using mouth guard while playing, and visiting the dentist after every six months.
These teeth belong to the second type. These are the ‘vampire teeth’ which further develop your smile. Another main function of these teeth is to help you in tearing your food apart while eating. In order to preserve this type of teeth in your mouth, the first thing you should do is to brush and floss properly. Flossing is especially important because food particles may stick with these teeth. Secondly, don’t use these teeth to open the packages. And like always, visit your dentist semiannually.
These are the main teeth which play critical role in chewing and breaking down the foods to make it ready for further digestions. When you lose a molar, you may feel the quality of your life getting affected. With that said, you will need to take care of these teeth.  While it may not look very easy but you will need to floss your molars in order to keep them healthy. And the remnants of foods sticking with those teeth should be removed because bacteria there can flourish.
Third molars
Third molars are also called wisdom teeth. These are the teeth which develop far after the development of other teeth and molars. The main function of these teeth is to help in chewing the food and make it suitable to undergo digestion. However, these teeth are not as critical as the molars.
Having that said, it is important to note that some people can have adequate space for the molars to grow and develop. But some people may need to get these molars removed because of the pain with the development.
In order to make sure that your molars and third molars are well maintained, you will need to brush and floss properly. Make sure that you are not having any bacterial infection in those teeth. And also make sure that you visit your dentist semiannually.